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Selasa, 15 Agustus 2017

Healthy Diet With Alcohol : 5 Low Calorie Drinks To Prevent Weight Gain

Healthy Diet With Alcohol: 5 Low Calorie Drinks To Prevent Weight Gain

A healthy lifestyle coupled with a low carbohydrate diet is all about balance. Sticking to your diet by watching your carbohydrate intake does not mean you can not enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or a cocktail with friends. Diet has some low carbohydrate options, from vodka and sodas to some light beer.

"An alcoholic drink is a low carbohydrate if it contains little to no grams of carbohydrates," Sarah Currie, a registered dietitian, personal trainer, and triathlon trainer in New York City, told Medics daily.

Sugar levels Drinks are what distinguishes whether it is high or low in carbohydrates. Most drinks are low in carbohydrates and clear liquors or light. This is because they are hard alcohol straight without a mixer containing added sugar. However, Currie added: "[A] rum and diet coke do not have carbohydrates, but it's dark because of diet coke."

Ways to Shrink the Stomach with 5 Sports Options

[Tips] How to Lose Weight 7.5 Kilograms with Swimming

[UPDATE] Losing 10 Pounds a week with 7 Days Diet Plan

Healthy Diet with alcohol

Straight alcohols, including vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and whiskey have zero grams of carbohydrates or sugar per ounce. Instead, these drinks get all the calories from alcohol, and calories from 97 calories to shoot 1.5 ounces of 80-gin gum, rum, vodka, whiskey, or tequila, according to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Although these drinks are not loaded with carbohydrates, you can still add your daily intake of calories depending on the mixer you choose.

Have your choice of alcohol, and drink, too. Check out these 5 low calorie alcoholic beverages that have less chance of making you fat.

Drinking these 5 low-carb beverages, from vodka and sodas to light beer, in moderation will not make you fat.


Popular bar staple vodka and soda practically zero carbohydrate because it's a vivid spirit. Skip the juice, and add soda water or diet soda to reduce carbohydrates and caloric intake. Clear drinks make choosing the right drinks visually easy and they are usually significantly lower in sugar (and calories) than colorful counterparts.

"Alcohol removal (especially vodka and rum) is the lowest in both sugar and calories compared to most darker choices," Dr. Rachita Reddy, a certified double nephrologist and internist with training from UC Berkeley, NYU and Lenox Hill Hospital, says Medical Daily.


Swapping soda for dietary options, such as a diet of cola, can get you into a low-carb light-friendly liquor. Mixing your favorite unflavored rum with your diet coke set back is just 100 calories. This drink is the exception of no dark liquor rule - even though it's dark because of diet coke, it's relatively low-calorie beverage.


A martini vodka is an odorless, colorless drink that can be part of a low carb diet if it is dry. Typically, these include gin and vermouth, with added olives or a lemon twist. Gin has zero carbohydrates. "Juice, soda and other mixers are high in sugar / carbohydrates, which brings you to actually drink your calories," Reddy said.


If the red wine is good to your taste, pinot noir is an excellent low-carb choice. Meanwhile, there are about 122 calories and 3.4 grams of carbohydrates in one glass of wine, which is about 5 ounces. According to Reddy, true low-carbohydrate drinks should have less than 5 grams of sugar.


Beer does not usually make it on the low list of carbohydrates because most of them are flooded with carbohydrates, hence the term "beer belly." This is because there are tons of rapidly digested carbohydrates in beer, which can be a disaster for weight control. However, some light beer, such as Michelob Ultra, will not sacrifice your waist.

Healthy Diet With Alcohol: 5 Low Calorie Drinks To Prevent Weight Gain

I believe wine is "healthy" of all drinks, but other alcohols in moderation have also been shown to be "healthy" in the scientific literature.

Balancing a healthy lifestyle and drinking responsibly will reduce your chances of developing a beer belly.

Minggu, 13 Agustus 2017

Ways to Shrink the Stomach with 5 Sports Options

Ways to Shrink the Stomach with 5 Sports Options ~ Diet Healty Tips

How to shrink the stomach

Below can be a solution for you who want to look slim easily. Actually, there are some traditional herbs as well Useful for slimming the stomach. However, if you do not too Like drinking herbal medicine, some types of sports below can be Alternative to make your stomach singset.

How to shrink the stomach by practicing 5 sports options


Feet you can choose as the first stage before doing sports Others are heavier. As a prefix, you can do it until 2 Or 3 kilometers. Well, if you're used to walking, you can Covering a distance of up to 5 km / h. Energy burned by doing This sport is about 210 kcal per hour.

Run in place

If You do not have much time to exercise, run where you can Be the best choice to keep your body fit. you even Can do it while watching TV, listening to music at home, or While doing other things. However, this exercise will be better if you Do as a distraction from other sports such as running, swimming, or Cycling. By doing it for 1 hour, the energy burned the body Can reach 400 kcal.

Stationary Bike or Treadmill

Physical exercise with a stationary bike is more convenient because it does not exist Disruption of bad weather or heavy traffic. Other than that, Because the speed, duration of exercise, and workload load can be arranged, This sport was also somewhat effective as one way to Shrink the stomach . Average energy burned per hour with exercise This is about 660 kcal with an exercise of 20.8 km / h.

Gymnastics Accompanying Iron Lifting

Sports It is useful to give flexibility to the muscles of the body. If You want to combine gymnastics with weight training, preferably Do warm up with aerobic exercise first. Although The energy burned with this exercise is very small, only about 300 Kkal, but this sport can be an alternative for you who have not Accustomed to heavy physical activity.


Sports this is an exercise that simply burns energy easily, however Requires skill in doing so. To get that result Maximum in weight loss programs and maintaining health Cardiovascular, you should combine this sport with Another exercise. Doing so for an hour can burn about 420 energy Kcal.

Well, so many sports options to make the body proportional , right? Some ways to shrink the stomach Above is easy and does not require much cost. It all depends Commitment and your intentions from the heart. By doing it on a Regularly, you will get the ideal body that you dreamed of. (AE)

Jumat, 11 Agustus 2017

[UPDATE] Losing 10 Pounds a week with 7 Days Diet Plan

Losing 10 Pounds a week with 7 Days Diet Plan - Diet Healthy Tips
Expert Advice to Lose Weight

I found this diet plan when I had to lose weight quickly. I went through a fitness checkup and needed to lose about five pounds, but I wanted a healthy weight loss plan, not one that would starve me. This plan works for me, and if you want to lose ten pounds a week, you've come to the right place.

I am a registered dietician and dietician. My focus is to promote whole food nutrition, so you will not find weight-loss drugs or supplements in this diet plan. The only thing you need to lose weight is healthy, fresh food from your local market. I have a nutrition clinic where I provide healthy eating and exercise counseling to families to help children maximize their growth and health potential. I know all about weight loss pills on the market. Most of them are unhealthy and cause nausea, diarrhea, and other serious symptoms.

Follow this plan carefully and chances are you will lose 10-15 pounds. This diet is healthy. It's all about losing weight by controlling your food intake. You will lose weight and also notice some positive effects on your skin and digestive system.

Losing 10 Pounds a Week

An Overview of Allowed Foods

Day One: Eat only low-sugar fruit today. No bananas Choose apples, pomegranates, and oranges that you like. Drink 12 glasses of water.

Day Two: Vegetables only. Begin the day with boiled potatoes. Eat a salad of your choice, plus drink 12 glasses of water.

Day Three: You are allowed to produce fruit and vegetables today. No potatoes or bananas. Drink 12 glasses of water.
Day Four: Eat eight whole bananas today. Create and eat basic vegetable soup recipes today. Drink three glasses of milk. In addition, drink 12 glasses of water.

Day Five: Eat six little tomatoes today added with plain rice, boiled rice. You can also have more vegetable soup, apples, oranges, and grapefruit. Drink at least 10 glasses of water

Day Six: Eat a small serving of rice. You can drink vegetable soup three times. Drink at least 10 glasses of water.

Day Seven: Eat a small serving of rice. You can have vegetable soup and vegetable salad today. Drink at least 10 glasses of water, plus fruit juice if desired.

The Seven Day Diet Plan: Diet Advice and Losing Weight

Weigh Yourself Now, Then Wait A Week

One very important rule: Put your scale for a week. Right. I do not want you to weigh for seven days of this diet. The reason for this is to focus on how far you feel better than the number of pounds you lost. On the seventh day you can pull out your scale and step up to see how many pounds have gone down.

Seven Day Diet: Follow This Link for Daily Instructions

The first day: Eat Any Fruit, Except Banana. Save the bananas for the fourth day! The fruit of choice for the first day is apple, watermelon, and citrus fruit types. Nutrition information, exercise videos, and delicious weight-loss drink recipes are included.

The second day: Eat Any Type of Vegetables, Raw or Boiled. On the second day, eat all the vegetables you want-alone, in salad, or stew with salt and pepper.

The third day: Combine Fruit and Vegetables, Raw or Boiled. On the third day you will combine fruits and vegetables. Includes tasty salad recipes, exercise videos, and expert advice to take you through your "hump" day. Plus, why a good sleep is important when dieting.

The fourth day: Milk, Banana, and Cal Low Soup The fourth day can be difficult because in the middle of a diet program, but you almost get there! The menu of the day includes soup recipes. There is also a spirit of speech to help you succeed and stick to his plans.

Day Five: Combine Fruit, Vegetables, and Rice. We are more than half way and our target is not far away. You may already be losing weight. The menu today includes tomatoes, which are the key to chemical damage and lose weight.

Day six: Vegetables and rice On the sixth day, eat vegetables and rice plus the salad and soup you make on the second and fourth day.

Day Seven: Rice, Soup, and Salad. You made it! Keep eating like you did on the sixth day: rice with vegetables, soup, and salad. Includes strategies for losing weight and maintaining healthy food routines. Eat Only Fresh Food!

On the second day, eat all the vegetables you want. On the second day of the diet, eat all kinds of vegetables you want, as much as you want. You can eat it raw, in salad, or boiled with salt and pepper.

The Seven Day Diet: Frequently Asked Questions

Many readers benefit from this diet. Read the comments section below to read success stories and other people's questions. Since many have tried this diet before you, I may have answered your question.

With that in mind, I have collected some of the most frequently asked questions, and my answer, here to help you succeed with your goals. You'll find more frequently asked questions and answers on the First Day page.

Why do people get different results from this diet plan? Medical conditions can play a major role in losing weight or loss. It is important to understand any medical conditions you may have before you go on a diet.

Many different problems can cause abnormal weight gain, including thyroid problems. If this is your concern, read this article about hypothyroidism and its effects on weight. Mental health problems can also lead to weight gain or loss.

If you struggle with anxiety, you may experience abnormal weight gain. Be sure to ask your doctor for advice on how to manage anxiety without eating too much.

I am hungry and dizzy before going to sleep. What should I do? Eat some fruit before bed, walk five minutes, sit for about ten minutes, then go to bed.

Is alcohol allowed in this diet? No.

Can I continue my diet after the first week is over? Yes, you can continue for two weeks. Then rest for a few days and continue for another two weeks if you want.

Are chewing gums allowed? Yes, sugar free gum is allowed. I am on the fourth day and I am very discouraged. I do not feel as though I am losing weight at all. I encourage you to complete these seven days. Do not be too disappointed if you do not lose all ten pounds. Every body and metabolism are different. Be careful, however, to follow the diet appropriately. Do not eat less food than is advisable in an effort to lose weight because it will get rid of diet chemistry.

Can I change anything for rice? Yes, you can get potatoes, quinoa, or millet instead of rice. I screwed up on the second day. Should I go back to the one day menu or can I repeat the second day again? If you mess up or cheat a bit, just repeat the day and continue from there.

I fasted for the month of Ramadan. Can I do this diet? Yes, but you have to spread your food out. Drink cold water at 4 am. Wait 15 to 20 minutes and eat with the food on the menu that day. Then at 7 pm when you can break the fast, drink another glass of cold water and wait 15 to 20 minutes. Eat another meal. Repeat all night, eat snacks until bedtime.

Can I replace the low-calorie soup that I bought at the store for homemade soup? No, it is best if you make it fresh on the day you will eat it. Can I eat less than the recommended amount? Yes, only if you are satisfied with a little food. Do not starve yourself. This will add unwanted pressure on your mind and when people feel stressed, they apply poor eating habits, such as food and more frequent serving sizes (1).

Where is the soup recipe? Yes, soup recipes are in the four-day article but you can always add your own healthy ingredients to make it better. Stay away from heavy oil drizzles and store formulas premixed. Bone broth can also be added to this soup, provided it is homemade.

So how does the diet work? High trans fat diets cause obesity and other health problems (2). Deposit fat under your skin makes you grow in size and weight. To lose weight you need to reduce fat, high-calorie foods. Some so-called health experts recommend reducing all types of carbohydrates, which I believe is a big mistake. Not all bad carbohydrates and diet plans have many carbohydrates. When you reduce fat with carbohydrates, you limit yourself from almost satisfying food, which causes hunger, stress at all times, and can not perform daily activities. So to lose weight, you just have to limit your caloric intake or apply a calorie deficit diet. How to hold the weight? Increase fruits and vegetables in your diet. You will end up eating fewer calories which is the main strategy for weight loss and treatment.

In addition to water, you are allowed to drink:

Green tea: Contains polyphenols, which are strong antioxidents (5, 6) Coffee with or without milk Lemonade (a recipe on a special page for the third day of the diet) Do You Need to Lose Weight? This question is personal and ultimately the answer depends on your health and how you feel. Some things to note are:

Has the doctor recommended that you lose a few pounds for cardiovascular health?

Do you have high blood pressure? Are you experiencing joint pain from carrying overweight? Are you framed lightly or heavily framed and how tall are you? What is your body mass index (BMI)? Healthy and Healthy Weight Chart for Women (Weight in Pounds)
Height (In foot) Small frame Middle frame Large Frame
4 '10 " 102-111 109-121 118-131
4 '11 " 103-113 111-123 120-134
5 '0 " 104-115 113-126 122-137
5 '1 " 106-118 115-129 125-140
5 '2 " 108-121 118-132 128-143
5 '3 " 111-124 121-135 131-147
5 '4 " 114-127 124-138 134-151
5 '5 " 117-130 127-141 137-155
5 '6 " 120-133 130-144 140-159
5 '7 " 123-136 133-147 143-163
5 '8 " 126-139 136-150 146-167
5 '9 " 129-142 139-153 149-170
5 '10 " 132-145 142-156 152-173
5 '11 " 135-148 145-159 155-176
6 '0 " 138-151 148-162 158-179

High and Healthy Weight Chart for Men (Weight in Pounds)
146-157 154-166
High Small frame Middle frame Large Frame
5 '2 " 128-134 131-141 138-150
5 '3 " 130-136 133-143 140-153
5 '4 " 132-138 135-145 142-156
5 '5 " 134-140 137-148 144-160
5 '6 " 136-142 139-151 146-164
5 '7 " 138-145 142-154 149-168
5 '8 " 140-148 145-157 152-172
5 '9 " 142-151 148-160 155-176
5 '10 " 144-154 151-163 158-180
5 '11 " 161-184
6 '0 " 149-160 157-170 164-188
6 '1 " 152-164 160-174 168-192
6 '2 " 155-168 164-178 172-197
6 '3 " 158-172 167-182 176-202
6 '4 " 162-176 171-187 181-207

How To Calculate Your Body Mass Index (BMI)

Your BMI is a value that comes from your weight and your height. This is a way to measure the amount of tissue mass (muscle, fat, and bone) in your body.

To calculate your BMI, you need to know your height (in meters or inches) and your weight (in kilograms or pounds). You will share your weight with your height. Metric: BMI = Weight (Kg) / Height (m) 2 America: BMI = Weight (lb) / Height (inches) 2 x 703 Result:

18.5 or less: Underweight 18.5-24.9: Normal 25-29.9: overweight 30 or above: fat Day one of this seven day plan features all kinds of fruit except bananas. The first day of this seven-day plan features all kinds of fruit except bananas.

Losing 10 Pounds in a Week: Day One Let's start! The first day is all about low-sugar fruits: apples, watermelons, and types of oranges. Nutrition information, exercise videos, and delicious weight-loss drink recipes are included. Join Our Community!

Will you try this diet to lose weight about ten pounds a week?

Kamis, 10 Agustus 2017

[Tips] How to Lose Weight 7.5 Kilograms with Swimming

[Tips] How to Lose Weight 7.5 Kilograms with Swimming- Diet Healty Tips

How to lose weight 7.5 kilograms can be done in any way, one of which is swimming. Simple and fun sport This one was able to burn calories in a very large amount if done regularly.

Nevertheless, you need to know some things in order for the way you do to get your body swimming with this swim to be safe and get the most out of it.

We will present the way and calculation of calories and how long you have to swim if you want to lose weight 10 to 30 pounds a week. Curious? We present the full review in the following article;

Here's how to lose 7 pounds by swimming

Are you warmed up?

Whatever sport you do, you still have to warm up to avoid things that are not desirable.

This warming can be a light exercise and simple movements that can have an effect on your muscles. The goal is that the muscles are not surprised when used for fast motion and burn calories later.

Important: count calories versus how many pool hours are required

You need to know if 1 pound (0.453592 kg) of your body is equivalent to 3500 calories.

By knowing this number, you will be able to calculate clearly how many times a day or how many times a week you have to swim to lose weight according to your goals.

For example,you want to lose weight up to 7.5 kilograms, so what is the intensity of the pool you should do?

  • For your information, by swimming slowly for an hour, you have eliminated calories as much as 350 calories.
  • Meanwhile, for you who swim quickly in an hour, then the calories burned can reach 600 calories.

From here, can be reached if you want to drop 7.5kg then calculation;

  • 7.5 kilograms = 16,535 pounds
  • 16,535 pounds x 3500 calories = 57,872.5 calories

With a slow swim for an hour per day:

  • 57.872.5: 350 = 165.35 times.
  • It means to lose 7.5kg bb with just a quick swim:
    • For 1 hour a day, then you need 96-97 days or 3 months.
    • For 2 hours a day, then you need 48 days (96/2) or 1.5 months.
    • For 3 hours a day, then you need 32 days (96/3) or 1 month.

Therefore, how to lose weight 7.5 kilograms in a week with a swim can be reached by:

  • 57.872.5: 600 = 96.45 times.
  • It means to lose 7.5kg bb with just a quick swim:
    • For 1 hour a day, then you need 96-97 days or 3 months.
    • For 2 hours a day, then you need 48 days (96/2) or 1.5 months.
    • For 3 hours a day, then you need 32 days (96/3) or 1 month.

The question, does not seem reasonable? Cook half to 1 full day swimming only?

  • Swam slowly for almost 24 hours a day for 7 days.
  • Swim fast for almost 14 hours a day for 7 days.

The question, does not seem reasonable? Cook half to 1 full day swimming only?

Please note that this calculation uses only pool indicators only. So the target for a week down 7.5 kg felt unreasonable.

Therefore, you should also incorporate other methods such as maintaining your diet and doing other types of sports. The result will be more effective and the time required will be faster.

Need to understand swimming style for diet healty ?

Then, do you need to know the style of swimming like butterfly, backstroke, and other styles? Of course it is necessary, with these new styles the pleasure of swimming will not bore you.

With different swimming styles and different rhythms you also have the opportunity to lose weight quickly. Especially if your business is coupled with aloe vera juice to lose weight .

Plan you diet healty program ?

Plan you need to do it regularly. Because the results you get will not be separated from your consistency in doing so.

Thus the article how to Lose Weight 7.5 Kilograms with Swimming you can make a healthy diet so that you can get an ideal body shape also sure your health stay awake