How to lose weight by drinking green tea in many experts recommend

Really green tea can help you lose weight ?

During this time many people believe green tea can lose weight naturally. Green tea is made from tea plant leaves (Camellia sinensis) which is picked and subjected to heating process to prevent oxidation, or it could also mean the beverages produced from brewing the tea leaves.

Contents contained in tea Green like catechin-like epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) molecules can inhibit tumorigenesis at the initiation stage, Some studies show that flavonoids and caffeine in green tea can help increase metabolic rate, increase fat oxidation and even Improve insulin activity.

A study conducted by the British Dietetic Association (BDA) to check whether the myriad health claims about green tea are supported by evidence. Showed that those who consumed green tea and caffeine lost an average of 2.9 pounds over a 12-week period, while keeping regular diet programs

In the world of health, green tea variants there are several types :

1. Gyokuro

Tea is selected from the upper class tea leaves Called Tencha. Tea is called Gyokuro because of the pale green color that comes out of the tea leaves. Leaves are protected from sun exposure so they have a very fragrant aroma.

2. Matcha

High quality green tea is ground into tea powder and used for tea ceremony. Matcha has a fragrant aroma so it is used as a flavor for ice cream flavored green tea, Various types of traditional Japanese cakes (wagashi), various sweets and chocolates.

3. Sencha

Green tea is usually taken daily, made from leaves that are left exposed to sunlight.

4. Genmaicha

Bancha tea with mixed grains of rice (genmai) made into popcorn. Tea has a scent of half grilled rice grains.

5. Kabusecha

Tea sencha type that leaves protected for some time from sun exposure before harvesting. The aroma of kabusecha tea is slightly softer than that of sencha tea.

6. Bancha

Rough tea made from the second harvest between summer and autumn. Tea leaves for bancha tea are usually larger than the sencha tea leaves and the aroma is not so fragrant.

7. Hōjicha

Tea is sliced ​​on a frying pan or in an oven.

8. Kukicha

Low-quality tea from tea leaves mixed with tea leaves.

Green Tea Drinking Rules For The Right Diet

Consuming green tea should know how to drink it. From the start how to brew and dose or The right dose. It is important to do because it will help maximize the efficacy of green tea to diet more effectively. How to drink tea to be skinny quickly according to the results of the above research is to drink green tea two to six times a day will lose weight 5 percent.

Many statements about the experience of this green tea diet can not be sure for how quickly green tea can lose weight. It does depend on other factors that encourage accelerated dietary results with green tea, such as with lots of water consumed, a lot Motion activity or better still Coupled with sports like Walking and more.

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For more details, here's how to drink green tea so skinny quickly:

Drink 3 to 6 Times a Day

The content of green tea antioxidants in the form of Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) is very useful increase metabolism, Burn fat in the body, and reduce appetite. By drinking it every day green tea can accelerate the process of weight loss body.

However, there are rules how to drink green tea to be thin fast, you should drink between 3 to 6 cups per day do not overdo it. If more than 6 cups Can bring disorders or side effects on health. Among the side effects of drinking too much green tea will cause indigestion such as heartburn.

Types of green tea are good for the diet

All types of green tea in the market have the same benefits in losing weight. But the type of green tea slimming for A good diet is green tea type Matcha. This is because the matcha tea contains more antioxidants that is 137 times more than regular green tea. Besides matcha green tea also contains rich and more beneficial nutrients. If you want to know a good green tea brand to diet then look for green tea products with matcha tea.

The Right Time

How to drink green tea so skinny quickly by taking time to drink. The rule of drinking green tea for the diet is to drink it after eating. Try to pause an hour after eating to drink green tea. Still a problem about how to drink green tea, There are those who recommend drinking after eating and not drink it when the stomach is empty in the morning.

There are other opinions that mention that the effect of losing weight is more effective If the green tea to drink diet before eating in the morning and evening before bed. For This diet healthy opinion of Experience of green tea diet that can be drunk tea before meals for someone who does not have indigestion such as stomach acid problem or ulcer.

Easy Tips to Lose Weight with Green Tea

Lose weight with green tea should have tips and tricks so as not to bore and the results are also faster.

Here is an easy way to lose weight with green tea for a diet:

1. Drink Every Day Make Habit

Drinking green tea will be fun if you make a regular schedule when drinking green tea. Drink a cup of warm green tea when dieting in the morning and afternoon, then at night before sleeping with no sugar and other caffeine drinks like coffee. Change your coffee habit in the morning Day with green tea for a healthy diet. If the weather is hot you can Cool it first in the refrigerator before drinking it.

2. Choose Green Tea For Diet Match Taste

Do not get stuck on a brand of slimming green tea products are powerful, good and so forth. Drinking tea would be nice if not thinking that a good tea to lose weight is kind of A and B brands. You can replace green tea with tea that has the same benefits in lowering Weight you like, such as white tea, black tea, oolong tea and other teas.

3. Do not Add Other Materials
For green tea diet you should not add any other ingredients that could damage its benefits to lose weight. Some types of foods you should Avoid to be mixed, among others, cream, sugar because the two materials will damage the benefits and properties of green tea. If you want to add another ingredient preferably with lime juice. Green tea and lime diet proved Will lose weight quickly. Take a teaspoon of lime juice and add it to a cup of green tea.

4. Drinking Green Tea As a Substitute hungry
When doing a diet disorder that often arise is hunger. Then as a solution to resist taste Hungry by consuming green tea for the diet every time you feel hungry and want to eat. Drink a cup of green tea when hunger feels. By drinking a cup of green tea is useful to make you feel full longer.

5. Drink a cup of Green Tea before Eating

The rules of drinking green tea for a diet that you can try and good results in losing weight is to drink a cup of tea before eating. Try to spend a cup of green tea Before you have breakfast or lunch or dinner.

In addition to the benefits to lose weight, it turns green tea to the diet has side effects if taken In quantities exceeding the dose. Drinking green tea should be 3 to 6 cups a day proven to burn calories as much as 50 to 100 calories, Protect the heart, prevent tooth decay and others. But if drinking is more than the normal limit Then it will cause problems in your body.

Side Effects Of Green Tea For Diet

Here are some side effects or negative effects if consuming too much green tea, are as follows: Drinking green tea to the diet with excessive iron disorders will cause the absorption of iron that can cause anemia.

High caffeine content in diet green tea can cause trouble sleeping. To prevent this, Should drink green tea 3 hours before bedtime. If you have a sleep disorder or insomnia then-be targeted for tea Green once a day and done at 4 pm.

Drinking green tea in a long time and excessive will cause Stain on the teeth is yellow teeth. If you buy green tea products for diet, you should check the composition Usually there is packed behind a green tea brand. This is because there are additional ingredients Harmful to the body if consumed like green tea made from comfrey Because it contains harmful substances alkaloids pirolizidin harmful liver health.

It is recommended to drink only 3 cups of green tea for the diet. In certain conditions a person will experience insomnia if consuming green tea more than 3 cups. It is not all but some people who experience it. To be more safe to drink 3 glasses of green tea every day.

Thus the discussion of the benefits of green tea for diet and side effects of green tea if consumed in large quantities or excessive. Hopefully this information is useful for you all readers.

Good luck and good regards !!

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