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We live in a strange time.

We're more fat than ever - but popular media is saturated with skinny. Changes in nutritional advice each year make us confused and confused.

How can it be so complicated?

The Diet Healthy Tips is about filtering the best news and dietary advice - and combining it with real-world tips and opinions. The entire spectrum is closed - everything from body image to fast food.!

Author : Alvia Danis


Basic weight management is nutrition and good exercise. But it's so simple that it's almost patronizing. As an "instant-gratification" society, it is not surprising that we reach for every quick fix we can find. When quick fixes fail - opinions become cynical, self-image can fall, and many people start a vicious cycle of loss and return profits.

Different things work for different people. Nutrition is individualistic. It's easy to criticize everything except that works for me - but that's not very helpful.

Eating well, and learning to use the best nutrition advice out there is a good thing. Falling into irregular / obsessive eating is not a good thing. The concept of diet is not a good thing (continuous diet at all).

"The best diet is a diet you do not know." - B. Wansink


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